Dropia Wall-Hung Toilet

Dropia Wall-Hung Toilet


1. Wall-hung toilets save space
2. Easy to install at custom heights
3. Cleaning is a breeze
4. The tank is hidden
5. Super sleek, stylish and modern

This luxury Dropia Wall-mounted toilet is not smaller than the standard kind but they are more space-efficient and that’s all due to their design and the way in which they’re installed. The water tank is hidden inside the wall and also, the toilet bowl is flush with the wall and this helps to save a bit of extra space as well.

The fact that the water tank is concealed inside the wall comes with several advantages and let mention but a few. Cleaning is easier, there’s more space in general and the whole bathroom looks a lot cleaner, more airy and more stylish this way. The aesthetic and modern technology design of Dropia Wall-Hung toilet is enough to make a lot of people fall in love with your bathroom style.

Another big advantage to having a hidden water tank is that there’s a lot less noise when it’s refilling.

In case you’re worried about not having access to the tank for repairs, these toilets actually have a small access panel (the one containing the buttons) plus they very rarely require such interventions.

Features of Dropia Wall hung toilet
1. Save space
2. They can be installed at custom heights
3. Cleaning is a breeze
4. The tank is hidden
5. Sleek, stylish and modern


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